9 Tips for Mazunte: A Hippie Beach Village on The West Coast of Mexico

Mazunte is a small, laid-back village on the Pacific coast of southern Mexico. It’s the perfect place to relax on the beach, take a yoga class, or enjoy culinary delights at its many fine restaurants. Mazunte also offers a fun nightlife. Until recently, there was very little information about Mazunte available on the internet. Yet for years, people from all over the world have known how to find this place. It attracts mostly creative and spiritual travelers, and this is evident everywhere in Mazunte. Here are 9 tips for this hippie beach village.

Tip: Bring plenty of cash because there is only one ATM in Mazunte that doesn’t always work.

How to get to Mazunte?

Mazunte is easiest to reach from Puerto Escondido. If you’re traveling by public transportation, go to the main road in Puerto Escondido and catch a collectivo or bus heading east. Tell the driver that you want to go to Mazunte and he will drop you off in the village of San Antonio an hour later. From there, it’s just a 10-minute cab or collectivo ride to Mazunte.

The most beautiful beaches of Mazunte

Even though Mazunte is only a small village, it has four beaches that are all very different from each other.

Playa Mermejita: This is the beach in the first photo below and we think it’s the most beautiful beach in Mazunte. Here, you can enjoy a fantastic sunset. You can read more about that later in this article. However, be aware that the sea is very rough at Playa Mermejita and the strong currents make swimming there dangerous.

Playa Rinconcito & Playa Mazunte: These two beaches are connected to each other, so we’ll just merge them for convenience. Playa Rinconcito and Playa Mazunte are directly next to the village and are often crowded. Especially on Playa Rinconcito, you’ll find many groups of people and there’s often a nice atmosphere. At Playa Mazunte, you can rent a bed and umbrella, and the sea here is often calm enough for a nice swim.

Playa San Agustinillo: is a large beach that consists of several coves. In some places, the sea is nice and calm while in others the waves are high without very strong currents. Playa San Agustinillo is a little further away from the village and therefore it’s often nice and quiet. We really liked this beach because you can jump into big waves without fear of strong currents.

What to do in Mazunte?

Mazunte is a wonderful place where it’s easy to stay longer than planned. We recommend spending at least two full days in Mazunte if you’re not coming for a retreat.

Note: In the low season between May and October, it can be quite quiet in Mazunte. This article is based on our experience during the peak season.

Sunset viewing at Punta Cometa

Punta Cometa is the most popular place to watch the sunset in Mazunte. It’s recommended that you leave for Punta Cometa about two hours before sunset so that you have plenty of time to explore the beautiful surroundings. It’s about a 20-minute walk from the main road. You’ll have to cross a small hill and when you get to the top, your bag will be checked because no alcohol is allowed at Punta Cometa. They also ask for a donation to maintain the area. It’s nice to walk to this viewpoint over Playa Mermejita first. The view from this point is magically beautiful with the low light.

After this, continue walking to Playa Cometa and Punta Cometa. Punta Cometa is a popular spot so it can get very crowded. We didn’t like the crowds so we looked for another spot where it was a lot quieter. There are countless fine spots to be found so take some time to walk around and find the perfect spot. Bring some snacks and enjoy.

Tip: Sometimes you can spot whales, dolphins, and rays from Punta Cometa. When we were there, stingrays were constantly jumping out of the water as if they were putting on a show – it was spectacular!”

Alternative: watching the sunset at Playa Mermejita

Mazunte is a place where you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets from different locations. Punta Cometa and Playa Mermejita are two of the best spots to witness the sky changing colors. However, if your time is limited, you might have to pick one of them. Playa Mermejita is not just a gorgeous beach, but also a lively gathering place for people who love music, dancing, and creativity. You can join the spontaneous jam sessions or just watch the performers express themselves. It’s a unique and magical experience that you won’t forget.

Important: To truly immerse yourself in the culture, mingle with the locals and soak up the moment. You won’t see many people snapping photos or recording videos here. Even though everything looks amazing, resist the urge to pull out your phone too often and just enjoy the moment.

Take a dip in El Copal’s infinity pool

Playa Mermejita is a beautiful beach, but it’s not safe for swimming because of the powerful waves and current that can sweep you away. Fortunately, we have found the perfect alternative. The hotel El Copal is located on Playa Mermejita and has a beautiful infinity pool with a panoramic view of the ocean. You can get a day pass that gives you access to the pool and allows you to order food and drinks from their menu. It’s an ideal place to unwind and enjoy the breathtaking scenery with a good book, a refreshing cocktail, and some delicious snacks.

Yoga & meditation

Do you love yoga or would like to try a class? Then Mazunte is the place to be! Mazunte is a great place for yoga lovers and beginners alike. You have two amazing yoga schools to choose from: Casa Om and Hridaya Yoga. They both have drop-in classes and longer yoga retreats. You can also join meditation classes at Hridaya Yoga to calm your mind and soul.

Ecstatic dance

Besides yoga and meditation, you also see a lot of ecstatic dance in Mazunte. Ecstatic dance is a dance form where you are completely free to move. It is a kind of meditative form of dancing where you become one with the music and less concerned with the people around you. You dance barefoot and may move how you want, there is no right, wrong or crazy. In Mazunte, you see many people doing ecstatic dances. On the beach or on the street, alone or with a group, during the day or at night, it’s all possible in Mazunte. Are you curious and would like to join ecstatic dance? Then check out Ecstatic Dance Piña ‘s Facebook because they host events you can participate in.

Stand up paddle

Watching the sunset from a paddle board while floating on the sea, that sounds crazy right? The stand up paddle tour lasts two hours and includes a picnic with cold drinks and fruit. You might get lucky and spot whales, dolphins, turtles or rays. Just send Sunset Paddle Tours a whatsapp message if you want to book the tour: +1 907 280-9279.

Have a drink at La Posada del Arquitecto

On Playa Rinconcito you will find the nice bar La Posada del Arquitecto. Go there at the end of the afternoon and order a nice drink and some snacks. The best spot is at the very front of the plateau. Sit down and you have the best spot on the entire beach to yourself.

Whale and dolphin spotting

As in Puerto Escondido, you can spot whales and dolphins in Mazunte. If you have not yet done this in Puerto Escondido then it is definitely recommended to do so in Mazunte. Early in the morning get on the boat and sail out to the ocean. The tour takes about 2 hours and departs from Playa Rinconcito. This is also where you can book the tour.

Take a trip to Zipolite

Zipolite is a fun village with a lively nightlife and a nudist beach. It’s only 15 minutes away from Mazunte by car. You can join the fun parties on the beach every weekend, or enjoy Mexico’s only legal nude beach. Don’t worry if you prefer to keep your clothes on, you are still welcome on the beach. If you walk to the left of Playa Zipolite, you will discover Playa del Amor, a cute little beach in a bay where you can swim safely. On the way there, you will pass by MiraMor, a restaurant that also offers yoga classes with a magnificent view of Playa Zipolite. Check their Instagram for the latest schedule.

Lunch tip: Have a delicious lunch in Zipolite at Orale Cafe.

Best Cafes and Restaurants in Mazunte

Although Mazunte is only a small village, luckily you will find many good restaurants. These are our favorites:

Maralto restaurant – This is a cozy place to have breakfast or lunch.
Lodeli – You can also have a good breakfast at Lodeli. There are tasty sandwiches on the menu with brie or avocado, for example. This is also the place to go for sweet breakfasts like French toast.

Los Marcianos – Los Marcianos serves very tasty smoothie bowls. It is not open until 10:00 so perfect for a late breakfast or lunch. Very soon they are not there unfortunately so only go if you have the time.

La Baguete – Score a quick and cheap sandwich at Mazunte’s best bakery.

El Armadillo – Here you can eat delicious Moroccan food. We chose the Moroccan Platter and can recommend it to everyone. Reservations are a must because more people know how to find this place.

Our favorite places to stay in Mazunte

Mazunte is still in its early stages of tourism development, which means that the selection of hotels and hostels are quite limited. Due to the area’s rapid growth, prices are often higher compared to other parts of Mexico. It’s important to note that the most affordable and well-regarded hotels tend to book up quickly in advance. While there are currently no “nice” hostels available, visitors can expect to find a range of small-scale hotels and bed-and-breakfast accommodations.

Do you like staying closer to the beach? Then Casa Mazunte Tierra Viva is the best choice in Mazunte.This hotel is just a few minutes away from Playa Mazunte, and all the great restaurants and cafes are close by. Tierra Viva is one of the few hotels in Mazunte that has air conditioning,  making it a desirable choice. Do you have a slightly more generous budget and love an idyllic hut on the beach? Then you’ll probably love Un Sueño Cabañas del Pacífico. You’ll fall asleep to the sound of the ocean in the background and the first thing you can do in the morning is take a dip in the ocean. This hotel is located on Playa San Agustinillo, a 1-kilometer walk from downtown. Fortunately,  collectivos run frequently, taking you there and back within minutes. A little higher up the mountain and hidden among tropical plants is El Eden Bungalows. You can enjoy a double room and a rooftop terrace with hammocks, offering a cool view of the ocean. Although it’s a 15-minute walk to the beach because of its elevated location, it’s still a great option for those on a smaller budget.