The 6 Best (Affordable) Hotels in Tulum

Tulum in Mexico is one of those places where you’d love to stay longer than planned. Beyond its stunning beach, Tulum offers so much more! There are dozens of charming bars, eateries, the coolest parties, and a plethora of beautiful hotels. Tulum boasts some of the most luxurious hotels, but there are also plenty of cozy and affordable boutique hotels. We’ve searched for the most beautiful hotels in Tulum that are still considered ‘affordable.’ These are the places where you truly get value for your money!

Tip: We mention a ‘starting price’ because hotel prices strongly depend on how far in advance you book and which season you plan to stay in. In Tulum, prices can quadruple during the winter! Since Tulum is an extremely popular destination, the best and most charming hotels tend to get fully booked quickly. Therefore, we recommend booking your hotel as early as possible. We link to because here you can often cancel for free up to a few days before your stay. This gives you the flexibility to change your plans if needed while still having the assurance of a good hotel.

Staying at Tulum Beach or Tulum Pueblo

Tulum is divided into two parts: Tulum Beach and Tulum Pueblo. Tulum Beach is a 5 km-long street and, as the name suggests, it’s right by the beach. Tulum Pueblo is the village a few kilometers away from the beach. Both places offer plenty of excellent restaurants, cozy bars, shops, and hotels. Everything by the beach is much more expensive, but the biggest advantage, of course, is that you can jump into the sea right from your hotel. It takes about 20 minutes by bike to get from the village to the beach.

The Most Beautiful Hotels at Tulum Beach

At Tulum Beach, you’ll find some incredibly luxurious hotels that can easily cost up to $1,120 per night. For many, the budget is much lower, so we’ve looked at the best price-to-quality ratio for hotels at Tulum Beach. These are all excellent accommodations where you’re guaranteed to have a great time without going (too) broke when you return to your home country.

Chancabañita Tulum

Chancabañita is our top choice at Tulum Beach. It’s one of the most budget-friendly options, which is great because at Tulum Beach, you often pay more than $280 per night. The bungalows are simple but right on the beach, and there are bikes you can borrow for free. In the morning, you can step out of your bed and dive straight into the sea for a morning swim. There’s nothing better than that, right? We didn’t have air conditioning, but there’s a good ceiling fan, and because it’s often breezy by the sea, the nights were refreshingly cool. There are comfortable sun loungers on the beach, and from time to time, the friendly staff spontaneously brings you a plate of guacamole.

Low Season Double Room starting at $115
High Season Double Room starting at $135

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Zamas Hotel

If you’re looking for more luxury, Zamas Hotel is a great choice. You’ll stay in a spacious bungalow equipped with all the comforts, and most importantly, it’s right on the beach! Don’t feel like getting sandy feet? There’s also a lovely pool. There are plenty of sun loungers on the beach and around the pool. In short, it’s pure relaxation!

Low Season Double Room starting at $200
High Season Double Room starting at $335

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Our Habitas Tulum

For a unique stay, check out Our Habitas Tulum. The design of this hotel is fantastic. Among the trees, you’ll find various ‘tents’ that can hardly be called tents anymore; they’re so luxurious! You’ll stay right on the beach, shower in the open air, and some tents even have their own pool. Besides offering a comfortable stay, the hotel also organizes many activities such as yoga, breathwork, and beach workouts. All these activities are included in the room rate, just like the delicious breakfast.

Low Season Double Room starting at $215
High Season Double Room starting at $340

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The Most Beautiful Hotels in Tulum Pueblo (Village)

Hotels in Tulum Pueblo are much more competitively priced than beachfront hotels. Below are our 4 favorite spots in Tulum Pueblo.

Trece Lunas

If you’re looking for an affordable hotel in Tulum, then Trece Lunas is the perfect place. Stepping into this hotel feels like entering a small paradise. There’s a nice pool, and you’ll stay in a spacious apartment with a kitchen, air conditioning, and a comfortable bed. Trece Lunas is a bit further from the center of Tulum Pueblo, which is why it’s more budget-friendly.

Low Season Double Room starting at $50
High Season Double Room starting at $80

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Chill Kanil

Chill Kanil is somewhat similar to Trece Lunas. Here too, you can enjoy luxury at an affordable price. There’s a beautiful courtyard with a nice pool and sun loungers. You’ll stay in a spacious room with nice extras like a refrigerator, air conditioning, and a coffee machine. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. Even the lovely pets give you a warm welcome. Keep in mind that this hotel is also a bit further from the center.

Low Season Double Room starting at $40
High Season Double Room starting at $100

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Botånica Tulum

In a super central location in Tulum Pueblo, you’ll find the beautiful Botånica Tulum hotel. Owner Fernando will make you feel welcome right from the start and is happy to give you tips for your stay in Tulum. The staff is incredibly friendly and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the hotel. Enjoy a delicious drink at the bar, take a dip in the pool, and savor ultimate tranquility.

Low Season Double Room starting at $88 | Dorm starting at $35
High Season Double Room starting at $139 | Dorm starting at $55

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Hotel Howlita

Hotel Howlita is a small-scale and cozy hotel. It’s located just outside the bustling center, but all restaurants and cafes are within walking distance. There’s a nice pool, and the rooms are simple but have everything you need for a pleasant stay. In the morning, you can count on a delicious breakfast included in the room rate.

Low Season Double Room starting at $50
High Season Double Room starting at $120

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