Bangkok Food Tour: Taste The Best Street Food in Thailand

When walking through the streets of Bangkok, you cannot escape the explosion of different smells and tastes. From early morning until late at night, there are countless food stalls to be found on the streets of Bangkok. Bangkok has as many as 500,000 different street vendors. The Thai cuisine is also known as the Chinese-Thai cuisine due to the large influx of Chinese immigrants who went to Bangkok in 1782 in search of work. The versatility of this cuisine makes it quite overwhelming. With this food tour, developed by a chef, you will explore the best places in Bangkok with a Thai foodie. You’ll get to know the Thai cuisine and street food culture of Bangkok while enjoying the most diverse taste sensations!

The street food culture in Bangkok

The streets of Bangkok can be seen as one big social meeting place. There is a lot of activity and the food stalls often have a few small plastic chairs where you can sit down. Many families run a restaurant from home, cook for each other, and everyone is welcome to come and eat. The food is very cheap and you can have a delicious plate of food in front of you in no time. Locals cook with and for each other. It is not only more social but also easier and more affordable to eat on the street.

Which part of Bangkok do you visit with the food tour?

Make sure you have an empty stomach because with the food tour you will be on the road for no less than four hours and taste a total of sixteen Chinese-Thai dishes. The food tour is set up by a true chef and with a small group and a guide, you’ll walk through Chinatown. Here you’ll visit different food stalls, see how the food is prepared and of course, taste it. You’ll walk through Chinatown where it is always vibrant with activity. Among the food stalls, there are countless people walking around, but there are also tuk-tuks, taxis, and scooters. For centuries, a large Chinese community has lived in Chinatown with their own customs and culture. It’s even one of the largest and oldest Chinatowns in the world. If you walk through this neighborhood, all your senses will be stimulated.

Note: During the walk, you are free to take photos but in some community streets, they prefer not to. If you want to photograph a local up close, it’s polite to ask first.

What will you taste during the food tour?

During the food tour, there is something for everyone, and you will be amazed by the many different flavors that the Chinese-Thai cuisine has to offer. I tasted the most diverse and surprising flavors during the food tour. From a delicious Thai Suki Yakhi soup to the famous Pad Thai dish. My favorite snacks were the chicken and pork dumplings. We end the tour with delicious Thai coconut ice cream, after which I was so full that nothing else could fit in. What makes this food tour extra fun is that the guide tells you everything along the way about the Thai cuisine and culture. Did you know, for example, that eating with chopsticks is not so common? In Thailand, they mainly eat with a spoon and a knife.

Note: If you are a vegetarian or have food allergies, it is not recommended to book the food tour.

Book the food tour in time

The food tour is the perfect introduction to Thai cuisine, and it’s a great idea to book this tour for one of your first days in Thailand. The food tour is available every Tuesday through Sunday and a maximum of 8 people can join the tour. Because the tour is only with small groups, it’s a good idea to book the tour in advance to ensure availability during your visit to Bangkok. You can book the food tour here, and if your plans change, you can always cancel for free up to 24 hours in advance.