Where to Stay in Singapore? These are the Best Neighborhoods!

Where is the best place to stay in Singapore? That’s what we wondered when we booked our tickets to Singapore. After all, it’s always fun to start looking for a nice hotel in a great neighborhood right after booking your tickets. Most of the attractions are located within a few miles of Marina Bay, so you don’t want to be too far away. Additionally, it’s nice to stay in a lively neighborhood with plenty of good restaurants. During our visit to Singapore, we researched the best neighborhoods to stay in and found two great options. Below, we’ve listed our recommendations.

Tip: Singapore is a popular city to visit, and as a result, the best hotels often get fully booked early. Especially the Chinese are now coming in masses to visit the city. Therefore, it’s wise to book your hotel as early as possible to ensure a good hotel at a reasonable price. This is especially true if you want to stay in one of the popular hotels that we recommend in this article. We mention starting prices. Hotel prices vary greatly depending on the season and how far in advance you book.

The Coziest Neighborhood in Singapore: Bugis

Bugis is a bustling, vibrant neighborhood where many cultures converge. This area includes the Arab quarter, the trendy Haji Lane, and Little India is also just a stone’s throw away. In addition, Bugis is home to Singapore’s largest market, where you can shop for clothing, jewelry, electronics, and souvenirs at affordable prices. Do you love interior items from the Middle East? In the Arab quarter, you can find many beautiful kilim pillows and carpets. One significant advantage of staying in Bugis is the abundance of excellent restaurants serving cuisine from around the world, from Mexican to Japanese and from Thai to Mediterranean. There’s plenty of choice here!

Our favorite hotels in the Bugis neighborhood:

Hotel G Singapore

Located in the bustling center of Singapore, you’ll find Hotel G. This hotel is super stylishly decorated with attention to detail. On the ground floor, there’s a wine bar and a restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious, extensive breakfast in the morning. The subway station is just 50 meters (164 feet) away, and due to the ideal location of this neighborhood, you can easily reach all of Singapore’s attractions. A perfect base for exploring Singapore for a few days!

Double room starting from $80

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Hotel Mi

What’s great about this hotel is that each room comes with a smartphone with internet that you can use during your city trip. It’s handy when you want to quickly check out which restaurants are good in the area on TripAdvisor or look up background information on attractions. There’s a nice swimming pool to take a refreshing dip in after a day of exploring the warm streets of Singapore, and there’s also a small gym for the fitness enthusiasts among us.

Double Room starting at $55

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More Luxurious than Luxury: Staying around Marina Bay

If it’s within your budget, it’s fantastic to stay in the luxurious part of Singapore for one or more nights. Here, you’ll truly be amazed; everything is grand, new, luxurious, chic, and very impressive. In the large shopping mall, you’ll find the most exclusive shops. We understand that you may not necessarily be looking for a $100,000 Rolex, but just walking through it is fun. There’s even a canal inside the shopping mall where you can take a boat ride, and there are artworks everywhere. Don’t forget to visit the Marina Bay Sands casino, as it’s one of the largest casinos in the world!

Our Favorite Hotels around Marina Bay

Marina Bay Sands

We couldn’t visit Singapore without spending a night in this hotel. It’s not just an overnight stay; it’s truly an experience to sleep here. On the 57th floor, you’ll find the world’s largest infinity pool with the best view of Singapore. The rooms are spacious, super luxurious, and after the breakfast buffet, you’ll weigh five kilograms more—it’s that delicious! Fortunately, there’s a gym, and even from the treadmill, you’ll have that incredible view of the city. Read our review here.

Double Room starting at $220

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The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton is worth every dollar. The rooms are spacious and feature a bath with views of the sea or the Singapore skyline. The staff is fantastic and goes above and beyond to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Additionally, there is a large indoor and outdoor pool, and you don’t even have to leave the hotel for delicious dining options. Much like Marina Bay Sands, this is one of the finest hotels in the world with an impressive view of the city.

Double Room starting at $300

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