Marina Bay Sands in Singapore: an Infinity Pool at 200 Meters (656 feet) in Height!

Staying at the Marina Bay Sands hotel is a bucket list experience you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Singapore. Marina Bay Sands is unique because of its architecture, size, and, of course, the incredible infinity pool on the 57th floor. With a height of 200 meters (656 feet), this is the highest pool in the world! The construction cost of Marina Bay Sands was $5 billion, and it boasts a total of 2,561 rooms. The entire complex also includes 1 museum, 7 five-star restaurants, 2 theaters, and the world’s largest casino with 500 tables and 1,600 slot machines. In short, it’s a remarkable hotel! We stayed there for one night and are sharing our experience and tips for your visit.

Our Experience at Marina Bay Sands

When we decided last minute to take a trip from Indonesia to Singapore, we spent about 4 hours contemplating whether to book a night at Marina Bay Sands and which room to choose. It had been on our bucket list for years, but booking last minute made the prices quite steep as the cheapest rooms were already sold out. Ultimately, we made the decision and booked the Club Room with a city view. This was the cheapest room with a king-size double bed and breakfast still available at the time. The cost? A staggering amount of $610 for one night, twice as expensive as the cheapest room if booked in advance. In hindsight, it was fine because it included a lot, making the whole experience even better, but it was still a bit of a shock.

Upon arrival, we were already amazed because the lobby is the size of a whole shopping mall and has a ceiling that is at least 60 meters (197 feet) high. With this room, access to Club 55 was included, which was ideal because they had a buffet with all sorts of goodies available in the morning, afternoon, and evening. We arrived at 1 o’clock and went for lunch on the 56th floor right after checking in. Afterward, we received an email notifying us that our room was ready.

Holy moly, what luxury and what a view! The room has 3 spacious areas, and is truly equipped with all the comforts. We won’t bore you with details about how comfortable the bathrobe was or how soft the slippers were, but you can be sure that everything was top-notch.

Since we had booked only one night, it was time to take a dip in the pool immediately. For us, this was the #1 reason to stay at this hotel. The pool is 150 meters (492 feet) long, and considering Marina Bay Sands has 2,561 rooms, we found it surprisingly uncrowded. For example, you could easily take a photo without having 5 other people in the picture. The view is 10 times better than in the photos, and what we didn’t know is that on the other side, there are two more jacuzzis with a view of the Gardens by the Bay. Perfect for when it cools down a bit in the late afternoon!

We decided to enjoy the sunset peacefully from our room. As the sky starts to change colors, the lights in the skyscrapers illuminate, and we savor the most brilliant view of Singapore. Now, we’re certain that this was a very wise decision and worth every dollar.

After a restful night’s sleep, we choose to wake up early and have breakfast at Spargo. We had the option to pick from three different restaurants for breakfast, but this one seemed by far the best, given its location on the 57th floor, just behind the pool. The breakfast buffet is the best we’ve ever seen. Whatever you fancy, it’s all here for you. From smoked salmon to dates, and from fresh croissants to melon. After the hearty breakfast, it’s time for another refreshing dip in the pool while everyone else is either still asleep or having breakfast. We spend some time on the sunbeds, enjoying the view, taking a few beautiful photos, and reflecting on how incredibly amazing this experience was. Eventually, it’s time to pack our belongings and move on to our next hotel, ready and refreshed to explore Singapore in the coming days.

Choosing Between a Garden or City View

When booking a room at Marina Bay Sands, you can choose between a city view, which overlooks Marina Bay and the downtown area of Singapore with all its skyscrapers, or a garden view, which offers a vista of the lush Gardens by the Bay and the sea. If it’s not specified, you’ll be staying on a lower floor without a particularly scenic view. Rooms with a view always come at a slightly higher price. Both views are spectacular, but in our opinion, a room with a city view is the best choice, especially because the sun sets on that side.

Double-Check Your Room Selection

No matter which room you book, you always have access to the pool. However, breakfast is not included with the cheaper rooms. If you want access to Club 55 (with snacks and coffee/tea served three times a day) and breakfast at the hotel, opt for a Club or Suite. On, it’s clearly indicated when the room includes breakfast and/or Club 55. When selecting your room, also make sure to check whether you have a garden view or a city view; this information is in the room title.

Conclusion: Is Marina Bay Sands Worth the Money?

Let’s say you book the cheapest room, which costs approximately $270 to $305, depending on the season. That’s a substantial amount of money, but an average hotel in Singapore will still set you back around $90 to $110 per night. This means you’ll pay about $100 per person extra for this extraordinary experience. It’s still a significant expense, but in our opinion, it’s absolutely worth it. Experiencing luxury, the view from your room, and, above all, the pool are unique experiences that make your visit to Singapore truly special. You probably won’t visit Singapore many times, so if you have the chance (and the dollars), you should definitely go for it.

Tip: Book as early as possible to get the best prices. The ‘cheaper’ double rooms up to $440 are often fully booked many months in advance. When you book here, you can cancel for free up to 4 days in advance. This way, you’ll secure a room and have all the flexibility if your travel plans change.