MUST DO: Paragliding Along the Cliffs of Madeira

Experience the rugged landscapes of Madeira from a different perspective! Paragliding is an absolute must-do on Madeira for adrenaline junkies. Together with an instructor, you run off the mountain and glide effortlessly along the high cliffs. Meanwhile, you have an incredible panoramic view of the blue ocean. What a delightful sense of freedom!

What does paragliding on Madeira look like?

We went paragliding with the experienced Rui. He has 30 years of paragliding experience and offers tandem flights together with his wife, Alicia. Rui and Alicia are a fantastic couple who ensure that everything goes smoothly. You’ll take the flight with Rui, while Alicia assists with everything around it.

The location depends on the weather and is always a surprise. One day, you might fly above Funchal, and another time over a banana plantation near a small village. Alicia will contact you before the flight and provide you with the details for paragliding. If you’re paragliding as a pair, you’ll take turns flying. Rui is the only one who pilots the glider. We found it enjoyable to fly one after the other, as we could witness each other’s takeoff and landing and capture photos.

Once the location is chosen, you’ll drive with Rui and Alicia to the starting point on the mountain. You’ll be provided with a helmet, knee protectors, and a windproof jacket. Rui will give you the necessary instructions, and then it’s time to take off. You both run down the mountain until the wind lifts you up, and before you know it, you’re peacefully gliding on the thermals (warm air currents). Rui has lived on Madeira his entire life and will share interesting facts about the island during the flight. After about 15 to 20 minutes, you’ll smoothly land back on the ground, enriched with an incredible experience.

What should you bring for paragliding?

It’s important to wear long pants when you go paragliding. Also, wear sturdy closed-toe shoes, and it’s nice to have sunglasses on. You can bring a bag because you can leave it with Alicia.

How much does paragliding cost?

Most of the attractions in Madeira are free, so hopefully, you have some budget left for an exciting activity. Paragliding costs $129 and can be booked here. If you change your mind or if your travel plans change, you can cancel for free up to 24 hours in advance. Please note that the minimum weight for paragliding is 40kg (88 pound), and the maximum weight is 85kg (187 pound).

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight!