Tips for Phu Quoc, the Most Beautiful Island in Vietnam

If you want to end your journey through Vietnam with a few days of sun, sea, and beach, then Phu Quoc is the place to be. This relaxed island is the largest in Vietnam and is known for its beautiful beaches and laid-back atmosphere. If you want to alternate beach lounging with activities, there’s plenty to do on Phu Quoc. Explore the island on a scooter, visit an old fishing village, or go snorkeling during an island-hopping day trip. Along the way, you’ll enjoy some of the most beautiful views. Curious about what else to do in Phu Quoc? Here you’ll find all the tips for activities, hotspots, and great hotels for a wonderful conclusion to your journey through Vietnam.

How to Travel to Phu Quoc?

Most people travel to Phu Quoc from Ho Chi Minh City or Can Tho (Mekong Delta). Below, you’ll find information on how to get there from these destinations. If you want to travel to Phu Quoc from another location, check out all the different routes.

From Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc

By plane: Flying is the easiest and quickest way to cover this route. Multiple flights depart daily, taking you directly from Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc in just 1 hour. Compare all flights for this route.

By bus and boat: If you prefer to travel by bus and boat, you can take a bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Ha Tien. This is an approximately 8-hour journey. Once you arrive in Ha Tien, you’ll take the boat to Phu Quoc, which is another approximately 1.5-hour trip.

From Can Tho (Mekong Delta) to Phu Quoc

By plane: Unless you want to travel back to Ho Chi Minh City first, flying is the easiest way to travel from Can Tho (Mekong Delta) to Phu Quoc. It’s a 50-minute flight, and there’s only one flight per day, so it’s advisable to book the flight well in advance.

What to Do on Phu Quoc?

Phu Quoc is an island where you go mainly to relax, but you can also explore the beautiful surroundings. The stunning beaches and views of the island will never bore you. Here are some things you shouldn’t miss when visiting this paradise island.

Chill at the Paradise Sao Beach

Sao Beach is the most beautiful beach on Phu Quoc and perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Vietnam. It has all the ingredients for a relaxing day at the beach, with pearly white sandy shores, swaying palm trees, and crystal-clear blue waters. Lay out your towel, play a game of volleyball, take a refreshing dip, or enjoy delicious cocktails at one of the many beach bars. The underwater world is beautiful, and you can rent snorkeling equipment on the beach.

Tip: For total peace and quiet at Sao Beach, walk all the way to the left side of the beach. Here, you’ll have fewer disturbances from jet skis.

Visit the Old Fishing Village of Ham Ninh

Ham Ninh is one of the oldest fishing villages in Vietnam. If you’re a seafood lover, this is the perfect place for lunch or dinner. Many seafood restaurants have huge tanks where you can choose your own fish, which is then prepared fresh for you. Before or after your meal, you can stroll across the bridges and enjoy the view of the harbor and the sea. Take a walk through the village itself, as there are some small fresh markets here. Ham Ninh is an authentic place on Phu Quoc where you won’t encounter many other travelers.

Watch the Sunset on Long Beach

As the name suggests, this is a long and expansive beach. The 15-kilometer-long white sandy beach starts near the center and stretches all the way to the south of the island. It’s a popular beach for watching the sunset, and a nice place to do this is OCSEN Beach Bar & Club. Sit down on one of the colorful bean bags and enjoy a cold drink as the sky turns orange and the sun slowly sinks into the sea.

Awaken Your Senses at the Duong Dong Night Market

The Duong Dong Night Market takes place every day of the year on Phu Quoc. The evening market is quite large, and here you can taste the most delicious Vietnamese street food dishes. As soon as you enter the Duong Dong Night Market, you’ll be approached by vendors from all sides trying to sell you their delicacies. At the market, you’ll find many dishes with fish and seafood. If you walk a bit further, the street becomes narrower, and you’ll find smaller stalls with different dishes. Try Vietnamese pizza, pancakes, or grab a tasty dessert.

Find the Tranquility of Phu Quoc at Ong Lang Beach

At this peaceful beach on Phu Quoc, it feels like you’re on a deserted island. The beach is very secluded and adorned with some beautiful rock formations. If you’re looking for less tranquility and more coziness, walk along Eco Beach Restaurant. This restaurant is a nice place to eat, drink, and play games.

Go Island Hopping and Snorkeling Around Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam, but there are many smaller islands in the vicinity with beautiful snorkeling spots. It’s delightful to spend a day on the Phu Quoc snorkeling tour and visit the paradisiacal islands of Buom, Gam Ghi, and May Rut. Enjoy the wind in your hair as you make occasional stops at the most beautiful snorkeling spots or tropical beaches. This is one of the most enjoyable things to do on Phu Quoc. Lunch and all snorkeling gear are included in the price.

Take a Ride on the World’s Longest Non-Stop Cable Car

For those without a fear of heights, be sure to travel to the south of Phu Quoc for a ride on the world’s longest non-stop cable car. This cable car is almost 8 kilometers long and reaches heights of up to 174 meters. In the cable car, you’ll enjoy a unique view of Phu Quoc and the surrounding islands. The water looks even bluer from above, and it’s fun to see all the boats sailing from the air. This is the starting point of the cable car, and your entrance ticket covers both the outbound and return trips. If you wish, you can visit a nature reserve on the other side for a small additional fee, and you can arrange for a private cabin at the entrance.

Enjoy a Drink at Rory’s Beach Club

Rory’s Beach Club is a pleasant place to relax, play a game of pool, or mini-golf. The owner is Australian and very welcoming. As soon as you walk in, he’ll strike up a conversation with you and show you around the premises. The beach club has a large terrace, and there’s also a nice pool you can use. This beach club is a bit further from the center and is ideal to combine with a visit to the fishing village of Ham Ninh.

Dive into the History of Phu Quoc Prison

Vietnam experienced twenty years of war, during which Vietnamese soldiers and civilians were imprisoned and sometimes tortured to death. When you visit this prison, you’ll learn more about this grim history. Various exhibits depict the terrible practices that took place here. Opinions about this place are divided, and it’s certainly not one of the most enjoyable things to do on Phu Quoc, but if you’re interested in the history of Vietnam, this might be something for you.

Tip: I visited Phu Quoc Prison without a guide, and even though there was some information available in English, I recommend taking a guide. This way, you’ll learn a bit more and can ask questions.

Best Restaurants in Phu Quoc

The Spice House Restaurant – If you love seafood, then this restaurant on Long Beach is the place to be.
The Home Pizza – The tastiest stone oven pizzas in Phu Quoc can be found here. This restaurant is very atmospheric and has a beautiful open kitchen.
Nora’s Cafe – It’s a bit hidden, but this trendy place serves delicious smoothies and healthy breakfasts.
Jamie’s Tacos – Enjoy Mexican cuisine here. Lick your fingers over a plate of nachos or order the tasty stuffed tortillas.
Saigonese Eatery – For the tastiest Asian fusion dishes, Saigonese Eatery is the place to be.

Our Favorite Places to Stay in Phu Quoc

At Phu Quoc Valley Sen Bungalow, you can stay in a beautiful bungalow directly by the pool and surrounded by a tropical garden for a relatively low price. The hotel is a bit inland, but there’s a free shuttle to the beach, or you can rent a scooter for a few dollars a day. If you’d rather stay right on the beach, then Ancarine Beach Resort is a delightful place! Here, you can enjoy a sea view from the pool and wake up every day to a delicious breakfast under the palm trees. If you want to pamper yourself during your stay in Phu Quoc, then Lahana Resort Phu Quoc & Spa is highly recommended. Enjoy a fantastic pool in a green oasis, have a massage, hit the gym, and dine extensively in the restaurant. Here, you can completely unwind!