10 Tips for Coron in the Philippines

Coron is unfortunately not a great city, and unlike El Nido, you’ll find fewer good hotels, restaurants, and nice shops there. It’s a place you mainly visit for diving and where you start or end the expedition between Coron and El Nido. However, the surrounding islands are incredibly beautiful. As it’s a logical stop on your itinerary, you’ll probably spend one or two nights there, and then you’ll surely wonder what there is to do. In this article, we share our tips for fun things to do in Coron.

A Day of Island Hopping

While the town itself may not be very beautiful or charming, the nearby islands are incredibly beautiful. Blue-green lagoons, white sandbanks, and idyllic beaches full of palm trees alternate here. Unfortunately, all these places are crowded, so you’ll have to share them with dozens of other people. You can choose between tours A, B, C, or D, each with several different spots on the route. If you want to avoid the biggest crowds, it’s better to opt for a private tour and clearly indicate that you want to depart first to avoid the crowds. Enjoy the beautiful places and try not to be too bothered by the crowds, and you’ll have a fantastic day!

Diving Among Shipwrecks

There are many shipwrecks lying on the bottom of the ocean around Coron, creating beautiful and unique diving spots for divers of all levels.

Enjoy Cocktails at Hop Hostel During Sunset

At the rooftop bar of Hop Hostel, you can enjoy cocktails and a spectacular sunset every evening. You don’t need to stay here to visit the rooftop bar. After sunset, sometimes parties are organized, along with games like a beer pong tournament. It’s a fun place to meet other travelers and have a great evening.

Climbing Mt. Tapyas

Another cool place to watch the sunset is from the viewpoint at the top of Mt. Tapyas. It sounds like a gigantic volcano, but in reality, it’s a hill of 210 meters (689 feet). However, you have to climb more than 700 steps to reach the top, so expect a solid workout of about 15 minutes. If you’re a bit early for sunset, it’s nice to take a walk on the hill trails at the back of Mt. Tapyas.

Relaxing at the Hot Springs

About a 20-minute drive from Coron, you’ll find the Maquinit Hot Springs nestled among the mangrove trees. There are two pools, one at 30 degrees Celsius and the other at 40 degrees Celsius. Since it’s already quite warm in the Philippines, it’s advisable to visit here in the late afternoon. About an hour before sunset, it gets pleasantly crowded, but there’s always enough space for everyone to sit comfortably. This is a nice spot to unwind and enjoy a drink.

A Game of Basketball with the Locals

Basketball is an incredibly popular sport in the Philippines, and on the way to the hot springs, you’ll come across one basketball court after another. If you’re traveling to the hot springs on a scooter, it’s fun to stop by. The locals will surely invite you to join in!

Playing Games at the Hippie Bar

If you feel like relaxing for an evening and playing some games with friends in a cozy place, we recommend Ala-E Hippie House. This creative cafe offers a super cozy atmosphere, delicious cocktails, and, of course, some reggae tunes in the background.

Best Restaurants in Coron

Coron doesn’t have a lot of great restaurants, but there are two places we can recommend. For a tasty breakfast or lunch, Le Voyage is our favorite. They serve delicious fresh juices, tasty oatmeal pancakes, smoothie bowls, and a few hot dishes. Craving a delicious pizza? Then Altrove is the place to go.

Our Favorite Places to Stay in Coron

If you prefer staying in a hostel, Dayon Hostel is definitely worth considering. They offer both comfortable double rooms and dorms with plenty of privacy. There’s a cozy rooftop terrace, and the location is very central. Everything is within walking distance! If you’d rather stay in a bed and breakfast, we recommend The Bay Area. This is a relaxed hotel in the heart of Coron. The staff is incredibly friendly, you’ll get a tasty breakfast every morning, and the comfortable rooms come with good beds and hot showers.