Costs & Budget: 5 Tips on What You Can Expect

When you have a trip to Oman on your agenda, you’re probably curious about the expenses you can expect. Unfortunately, Oman is not a budget-friendly travel destination, but with careful planning, it is possible to visit Oman without breaking the bank. In this article, we will share everything about the costs for a trip through Oman, including price examples for transportation, food, and accommodation, as well as an average daily budget for Oman. Of course, everyone travels differently, so these figures are just an indication of the expenses you may encounter.

Withdrawing Money in Oman: In Oman, you’ll be paying with the Omani rial, and we have always been able to withdraw money without any issues using our Maestro debit card at the HSBC bank.

Costs for Food and Drinks in Oman

The costs for food and drinks in Oman vary significantly depending on where you choose to eat. At a local restaurant, you can have a sandwich for around $2.34 (€2), and dinner may cost you around $4.68 (€4). If you dine at a more popular restaurant frequented by tourists, a meal can cost you anywhere ranging from $11.71 to $16.40 (€10 to €14).

Many hotels offer buffet options for both breakfast and dinner, and in some hotels, these buffets are included in the accommodation price. If the buffet is not included, you can expect to pay around $14.09 (€12) per person.

For a cup of coffee at a cozy café, you’ll typically pay approximately $2.94 (€2.50).

The Costs for A Rental Car and Gasoline in Oman

Renting a car in Oman is not very cheap, but on the other hand, gasoline is incredibly inexpensive. The cost of renting a car depends greatly on whether you choose a regular car or a 4×4. You can rent a regular car starting from $40 (€34) per day, including full insurance coverage. If you opt for a 4×4, the cost will be around $69 (€58) per day, also including full insurance coverage. Prices can vary based on how far in advance you book and the time of year you are traveling. Before renting a car, it’s advisable to read our tips and experiences for renting a car in Oman.

The Costs for Activities in Oman

Entrance fees for most attractions in Oman are free, which offsets the sometimes higher costs of other activities. For most wadis, hiking trails, forts, and other places, you either pay nothing or just a few dollars. Tours can be more expensive, but since there are plenty of free things to do, you may only opt for a few tours. During our trip, we only took the turtle-watching tour, which was included in our accommodation package, and the dune bashing in the desert.

If you want to book the turtle-watching tour separately because you’re staying somewhere else, the cost is $22.57 (€19) per person. For a 1.5-hour dune bashing experience, the cost per car is $71.29 (€60), and you can share the cost with up to four people.

The Costs for Hotels in Oman

Hotels in Oman come in all shapes and sizes, and their costs vary significantly. The cheapest rooms in budget hotels can start from around $35 (€30) per night. If you prefer good mid-range hotels, you should expect an average cost of around $94 (€80) per night. For luxury hotels, the prices can quickly exceed $235 (€200) per night. The availability and prices of good hotels can vary based on the location, with some places having limited options, leading to higher prices, while others offer more choices and lower costs. To get an idea of the prices for good hotels, you can check out our favorite hotels in Oman, where we provide starting prices for your reference.

Average Daily Budget for Oman

Oman can be traveled on a low budget if you opt for a regular car instead of a 4×4, dine at local restaurants, and have moderate expectations for hotels. Assuming you are traveling with two people and can share the costs of hotels and your rental car, you could travel through Oman for around $76 (€65) per person per day. However, if you prefer to stay in good mid-range hotels, rent a 4×4, and dine regularly at your hotel or fine restaurants, the daily expenses could be around $118 (€100) or more per person.

Fortunately, you can explore the most beautiful places in Oman in about 9 days with our suggested travel itinerary, which may help manage the overall costs of your trip.