Costs & Budget in Morocco: What to Expect

A road trip through Morocco can be easily adjusted to your own budget. It is a relatively inexpensive travel destination, but of course, it’s not as cheap as some countries in Asia. Depending on the hotels you choose, whether you rent a car or opt for public transportation, you can make it as expensive or as cheap as you want. The choice is entirely yours—do you go for a budget trip or go all out for luxury? We went on a two-week trip and found a nice balance in between. Here, we’ll share our expenses and provide some examples of costs so you can get an idea of what expenses to expect.

Costs for a flight ticket to Morocco

The costs for a flight ticket naturally depend on your travel period. It’s advisable to check which city offers the cheapest flights during your travel period because it can make a significant difference in price. Most people start their journey in Tangier or Fez, but Casablanca is also an option. If you’re traveling in reverse, from south to north, then starting in Marrakech is your best bet. The price is depending on the season and how far in advance you book.

Costs for a rental car & gasoline

There are various well-known car rental companies in Morocco, so you have plenty of choices. You can compare them through Rentalcars and find the cheapest rental car. We rented a Toyota Yaris for $426 for eleven days. This price includes insurance and unlimited miles but excludes a navigation system and fuel. You can rent a navigation system, but it costs around $11 per extra day. You can download the map of Morocco on Google Maps or through the app and navigate offline, so a navigation system is not necessary. We picked up the car in Fez and returned it in Marrakech, which cost us an additional $78.

The amount you spend on gasoline depends on the number of miles you travel. For our travel route through Morocco, we spent only $89 on gasoline. You can pay with a credit card at major gas stations, but you need to have enough cash for small gas stations. You also need to consider toll roads. Toll fees are only applicable on highways, and they are not expensive, but again, make sure you have enough loose change. Each time, the toll costs approximately $1 to $2, so you don’t need to include this in your budget.

Costs for hotels in Morocco

Hotels in Morocco come in all shapes and sizes. You can stay in a dormitory for around $6 to $11, but there are also resorts that cost several hundred dollars per night. If you prefer to stay in a double room in a good hotel, you should expect an average of about $50 to $73 per night. If you have a lower budget, there are also decent hotels available for around $22 per night for a double room. These may be slightly less beautiful and luxurious. We have compiled a list of our favorite hotels in Morocco, and in this article, you’ll get a nice overview of the approximate costs of good mid-range hotels in Morocco. Again, prices vary depending on the seasons and when you book.

Costs for food & drinks in Morocco

You can also make this category as expensive as you want. To keep track of your expenses, you can withdraw cash so you can roughly check what you’re spending. It’s always handy to have some cash with you because not everywhere accepts debit cards or credit cards. We spent 450 dollar per person on food and drinks in 2.5 weeks. Eating in Chefchaouen and Fez is cheap, while you may spend a bit more in Marrakech, especially if you opt for Western food and eat in trendy restaurants. Breakfast is included in most hotels, so that saves some expenses. The expenses for drinks are not very high because alcohol consumption in Morocco is limited. You won’t find yourself sitting on a terrace enjoying a few beers, and most restaurants don’t serve wine with dinner. This doesn’t lead to savings of hundreds of dollars, but it does reduce the overall cost slightly.

Average daily budget for Morocco

Worth mentioning once again: this is, of course, an average price when booking mid-range hotels and renting a car. Depending on the flight ticket and your car rental, the price may vary, but this calculation should give you a good idea of the approximate costs of a two-week trip in Morocco. We assumed you’re traveling as a couple, and the costs of the car rental and hotels are based on that. If you’re traveling with multiple people, the cost of the car rental per person would naturally be lower.

When we add everything together, we spent around $1680 per person for a 16-day trip. This includes flight tickets, car rental, gasoline, food and drinks, souvenirs, entrance fees, and hotels. We didn’t really pay close attention to our spending. Excluding the flight tickets, car rental, and gasoline, the daily budget comes out to around $75 per person. We often stayed in hotels priced around $56 to $78 per night. If this all seems a bit expensive to you, it’s good to know that it can be much cheaper. For example, you can save money on the car rental and choose to travel by public transportation. Additionally, you can find double rooms in budget-friendly hotels for as low as $22 per night, and you can dine out much more affordably than we did. We estimate that if you are mindful of your spending and plan smartly, you could potentially cut your costs in half.