8 Viewpoints in Madeira You Don’t Want to Miss (Updated 2023)

The mountain landscape of Madeira offers the most magnificent views. Madeira may be a small island, but the rugged mountains make it feel grand. We rented a car and set out to find the most beautiful viewpoints in Madeira. The exciting part is that each viewpoint is completely different from the others, making them all worth seeing. At one, you stand above the clouds, while at another, you gaze upon a 400-meter-high (1312-feet-high) cliff. Scroll down quickly and check out the 8 most beautiful viewpoints in Madeira!

#1 Bica da Cana Viewpoint

At the Bica da Cana viewpoint, you gaze out over the highest peaks of Madeira. The view here is amazing, especially during sunrise. The sun rises behind Pico do Arieiro, coloring the sky in vibrant shades of orange behind the mountain tops. The Bica da Cana viewpoint sits at an altitude of 1560 meters (5,118 feet), and on perfect weather conditions, you’ll find yourself above the clouds. However, if you’re unlucky, you might be surrounded by fog, obscuring your view. It’s always a gamble to see what you’ll get.

Bica da Cana is located almost in the center of Madeira. It takes about 45 minutes to drive from Funchal to the Bica da Cana parking lot. The parking area can only accommodate a few cars, but if it’s full, you can park your car alongside the road. From the parking lot, it’s a short 10-minute walk to the viewpoint.

Note: The last 10 minutes of the drive take you through an area with many rabbits. In the early morning, there are hardly any cars on the road, and the rabbits might get startled and run onto the road in panic. If you’re driving here in the dark, use high beam lights and watch out for rabbits crossing the road.

#2 Miradouro Lombo do Mouro

Just a 5-minute drive from Bica da Cana is Miradouro Lombo do Mouro, and it’s definitely worth stopping by the side of the road. Here, you have a fantastic view of perhaps the most beautiful road on Madeira. Often, there is a blanket of clouds behind this mountain, slowly rolling down and dissipating in the valley. It’s a magnificent natural spectacle.

#3 Pico do Arieiro Viewpoint

You must not leave Madeira without witnessing the sunrise at Pico do Arieiro. It’s one of the highlights of Madeira, and you definitely won’t be the only one who woke up early for this experience. Pico do Arieiro is the third highest mountain in Madeira, standing at an altitude of 1,818 meters (5,965 feet). Often, there are clouds below in the valley, so you’ll be standing above the clouds, gazing at the sunrise. It’s a magical moment! Pico do Arieiro is also the starting point for the PR1 hike, so if you plan to do the hike, it can be perfectly combined.

It takes about a 40-minute drive from Funchal to reach the parking lot at Pico do Arieiro. It can get very cold here, so make sure to bring a thick sweater and possibly a windbreaker.

#4 Miradouro Ponta da Ladeira

Ponta da Ladeira is a lesser-known viewpoint in Madeira, but it’s definitely not less beautiful. In our opinion, this place is the most stunning spot on the island to watch the sunset. The dramatic cliffs and the endless ocean create the most picturesque scenes. It’s not visited by large crowds, and we were completely alone when we were there. And that too during the sunset, in such a beautiful location!

From the parking lot, it’s about a 20-meter (65 feet) walk downhill on the left side to reach the viewpoint. Be cautious as this is not an official path, and there is a deep cliff on one side. Do not rely on the rickety fence.

#5 Vereda dos Balcões Viewpoint

To reach this viewpoint, you’ll need to take a short walk of about 10 minutes. The hike is quite easy, with a small ascent of 30 meters (98 feet) in altitude. Once you arrive at the viewpoint, you’ll feel small among the towering mountains. What’s especially delightful about Vereda dos Balcões is that there are many birds. Fresh bird feed is provided at this viewpoint every day, and the birds are accustomed to eating from people’s hands. Some birds are so comfortable that they stay perched for minutes.

Feeding Tip: The birds are familiar with the usual feed, so if you want them to perch on your hand, it’s helpful to bring something extra tasty for them, like walnuts. Break the nuts into small pieces so that the birds stay longer to eat. Only offer natural foods like nuts, seeds, or fruits, and avoid anything with sugar or salt, such as chips or nut bars. If it’s crowded, try finding a quiet spot on top of the large rock. Extend your flat hand, make sure they see the food, and be patient—they will come if they feel comfortable enough.

#6 Miradouro do Véu da Noiva

On the north coast of Madeira, you’ll find the unique viewpoint Véu da Noiva. We’ve been traveling the world for years, but we had never seen a waterfall of several feet high plunging directly into the ocean before. The rugged cliffs surrounding the waterfall offer a fantastic view. There used to be an old and dilapidated road along the cliff leading to the waterfall. Until 2008, it was possible to walk all the way to the waterfall, but due to a severe landslide near the waterfall, the road is now closed, and you can only view the waterfall from a distance. You can still see the remains of the landslide at the base of the waterfall.

#7 Ponta do Rosto

At this viewpoint, you’ll be treated to a completely different kind of view than all the previous viewpoints. Ponta do Rosto is located in the eastern part of Madeira, making it the perfect spot to witness the sunrise. Ponta do Rosto is a half-hour drive from Funchal, and you can park right next to the viewpoint. Just around the corner, you’ll find the starting point of the PR8 Ponta de São Lourenço hike, which is also a must-visit.

#8 Miradouro do Guindaste

Located in the north of Madeira is Miradouro do Guindaste, also known as Crane Viewpoint. The towering cliffs and rugged ocean make you feel tiny. This place, like many others on this list, is beautiful during sunrise. Fortunately, it’s also beautiful during the daytime, as you can appreciate the deep blue colors of the ocean and the green mountains.

Tip: If you’re here around lunchtime, there’s a huge supermarket nearby called Continente Modelo Santana. Grab a delicious lunch from there and enjoy a picnic in this amazing location.