8x the Most Impressive Activities in Iceland

Iceland is a true outdoor destination where you can engage in many extraordinary activities. The range of outdoor activities is vast and diverse. We have listed the 8 most exciting and impressive activities in this article. Challenge yourself by tearing through the rugged landscapes on a quad, seek heights by paragliding, or go snorkeling in the crystal-clear glacial waters. In Iceland, you’ll never be bored!

#1 Snorkeling in the Clearest Water in the World

Snorkeling in Iceland may not sound immediately appealing, but believe us, you don’t want to miss this. Silfra is the name of a fissure in the Earth created by the separation of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. The Silfra fissure is filled with glacier water that has been filtered underground through hardened, porous lava rocks for decades. As a result, this water is the purest and clearest in the world, revealing an enchanting underwater world with colors that you won’t see above the surface. In the water, which is around 2 degrees Celsius, you can have visibility of up to 120 meters (394 feet). Fortunately, you’ll be wearing a dry suit, which keeps you dry and prevents you from freezing immediately.

Location: Thingvellir National Park. Approximately 31 miles (50 km) east of Reykjavik.
Price: From $166.

#2 Make the Flight of Your Life in a Helicopter

Experience the rugged nature of Iceland from a different perspective. There are various helicopter tours to choose from, and some flights even land briefly on the top of a volcano. Especially if you’ve never taken a helicopter flight before, this is a fantastic location for your first experience. In a short time, you’ll witness the diversity of landscapes, and it will be an unforgettable adventure you’ll cherish forever.

Location: Departure from Reykjavik or Möðrudalur
Price: Starting from $233

#3 Hike on the Largest Glacier of Europe

Taking a walk on a glacier surrounded by snow-capped peaks reaching up to 2000 meters (6562 feet) high, that sounds amazing, right? During this hike on the largest glacier in Europe, you will have special metal spikes attached to your shoes, allowing you to walk along the crevices of the glacier. It’s a really cool activity that is also more affordable than most activities in Iceland.

Location: Skaftafell National Park
Price: From 92$

#4 Search for Whales

Did you know that Iceland is one of the best destinations in Europe for whale watching? In the summer, you have a 90% chance of seeing whales, and even in the winter, the chances are still 65%. So, if you are a wildlife enthusiast, this activity is definitely for you. The tour typically lasts 2 to 3 hours, and there’s a good chance you’ll also spot dolphins along the way.

Location: Reykjavik
Price: from 81$

#5 Paragliding above Black Beaches and Waterfalls

The surroundings of Vik (South Iceland) are incredibly beautiful, and what could be more exciting than seeing them from the air? During paragliding, you’ll glide very relaxed and peacefully over the black beaches with the guidance of an instructor. From the air, you can enjoy miles of views over the coastline, and there’s a good chance you’ll come across a stunning waterfall as well.

Location: Vik
Price: from $262

#6 Drive a Quad in Rough Landscapes

This is the perfect activity for anyone who enjoys some action. Can you picture yourself soaring over the vast black beaches or through the rugged mountains during sunset? You can choose from a variety of tours, each offering a different landscape to explore.

Location: Reykjavik, Hella, Vik en Grindavík
Price: from $96

#7 Explore a Blue Ice Cave

Under the Vatnajokull glacier, there are several volcanoes slowly melting the ice, creating incredibly beautiful ice caves. This unique natural phenomenon is even more stunning in person than in photos! You can only visit these ice caves during the winter months from November to March.

Location: Vatnajokull National Park
Price: $168

#8 Drive a Snow Scooter on a Glacier

You are guaranteed to get an adrenaline kick from this activity. You drive over the white expanse and visit places you would never reach otherwise. This activity is also only available and interesting when you are in Iceland during the winter between November and March, as there is a lot of snow during that time.

Location: Gullfoss, Reykjavik en Vik
Price: $139