Itinerary for Greece in 12 Days + Tips

Creating a travel itinerary for Greece is anything but easy due to the multitude of options available. On the mainland, you can find countless fascinating places where you can immerse yourself in the history of the Ancient Greeks. Additionally, Greece boasts around 6000 islands to choose from. We have crafted a travel route that allows you to experience a combination of both in a relatively short time, approximately 12 days. This is not a rushed itinerary with numerous destinations, but rather a diverse and enjoyable mix of beautiful places. If you want to savor the Mediterranean vibes in Greece in a brief period, then this travel itinerary full of hand-picked tips is perfect for you.

Why Did We Choose This Travel Itinerary?

This travel itinerary through Greece allows you to discover the capital city, Athens, the paradisiacal island of Milos, and experience the world-famous sunset on Santorini. We chose this combination because it offers a delightful mix of city life, nature, and culture within 12 days. In Athens, you can immerse yourself in the history of Greece and also experience the lively nightlife. On the island of Milos, you’ll enjoy the tranquility of Greece’s most beautiful beaches, and on Santorini, you can explore authentic white-washed villages.

With 12 days, you’ll have ample time to visit the most remarkable attractions in each place and still have enough moments to relax and do nothing.

Tips for this Travel Itinerary for Greece

We have written detailed articles filled with tips for all the places on this travel itinerary. In these articles, you will find our recommendations for the best restaurants, charming accommodations to stay at, and unique places to visit. Below, we provide a brief description of the destinations, and if you’d like to learn more, you can click through to access all the tips and photos.

Explore the Cosy City Athens

Athens is a surprisingly delightful city for a short visit. It has plenty of atmosphere, but there isn’t an overwhelming amount to do, so two full days should be sufficient. In the old neighborhood of Plaka, you’ll get lost in a maze of narrow white streets and enjoy the tastiest Greek dishes at one of the numerous terraces. A visit to the Acropolis of Athens is, of course, a must. This 156-meter-high (511-feet-high) table mountain was the religious center of the ancient Greek Empire. Here, you’ll find the remains of colossal temples and enjoy a panoramic view of the entire city of Athens. Ending the day with a cocktail on a rooftop bar at the lively Monastiraki Square is a perfect way to unwind. Curious about what else to do? Check out all our tips for Athens!

Ultimate Relaxation in Milos

Almost everyone is familiar with Greek islands like Crete, Kos, Rhodes, and Corfu, but not many have heard of Milos. Unjustly so, as this hidden paradise has everything you need for a few days of ultimate relaxation. Think charming villages, breathtaking sunsets, the most beautiful white sandy beaches, and a crystal-clear blue sea that makes you feel like you’re somewhere in the tropics. Check out our highlights for Milos to get a good sense of this delightful island.

Experience the Most Beautiful Sunset in Greece on Santorini

You might know Santorini from the videos on social media showing the crowded streets of Oia. Hundreds of people flock here every day to watch the sunset. And yes, it does get incredibly busy during the sunset in Oia, but if that doesn’t appeal to you, consider going for the sunrise instead. Then, you’ll have the whole village to yourself, and we can assure you that the sunrise is equally stunning! Moreover, there are many other beautiful spots and charming villages on Santorini where it’s not nearly as crowded. All in all, we found Santorini to be a delightful island to visit. While it may not have the same beautiful beaches as Milos, we wouldn’t recommend staying for too long. However, the white villages, perched on the edge of an ancient volcanic crater, are truly unique and worth seeing.

Check out our highlights for Santorini to discover all the things you can do and where you can view that magical sunset in Oia without hundreds of other people around. We’ve actually found a hidden spot with the same view!

Example Itinerary for a Trip to Greece

You have multiple options to follow this travel itinerary for Greece. You can fly to Athens and then visit the islands by boat. Flying to the islands from Athens is also possible, but it’s often more expensive, and with waiting times, it might take just as long as taking a boat.

Of course, you can also choose to follow the route in the opposite direction, but we found this order to be convenient. If you have more time and enjoy some beach days, we recommend extending your stay on Milos.

  1. Fly to Athens
  2. Athens
  3. Athens
  4. Boat to Milos
  5. Milos
  6. Milos
  7. Milos
  8. Milos
  9. Boat to Santorini
  10. Santorini
  11. Santorini
  12. Fly home

The Best Travel Period for Greece

In general, the peak season in Greece runs from April to mid-October. We visited Greece at the end of September and enjoyed delightful weather. The temperatures were around 25 degrees Celsius, with occasional slightly cooler days. During the summer vacation, Greece becomes an extremely popular destination, and it can get very crowded. Prices and temperatures also soar during this period. Therefore, the best months to visit Greece are the spring and fall, with May, June, and September being the absolute best months to go.