Visit Rovinj, the most colorful city in Croatia

The picturesque town of Rovinj was once an island but has slowly but surely become attached to the mainland over time. The old town is a maze of winding streets, charming alleyways, and colorful facades. Each house has been painted in a different cheerful color, creating a uniquely cozy atmosphere. It’s not just the houses that are colorful; the boats bobbing in the harbor are often red, orange, or blue. This makes Rovinj the most colorful town in Croatia. Curious about what to do in Rovinj? Read our tips below!

Swimming in Rovinj or at the Beaches

Rovinj is almost entirely surrounded by the sea, so you don’t have to look far for a refreshing swim. In the southwest of Rovinj, along the edge of the peninsula, you’ll find many rocks with flat sunbathing spots. You can easily access the sea with steps. Especially in the late afternoon, it’s lovely here as you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. If you prefer to sunbathe on a beach, you can go to the nearby Lone Beach or Cuvi Beach.

Enjoy Cocktails at Mediterraneo Bar

Rovinj is the most colorful town in Croatia, and Mediterraneo is the most colorful bar in Rovinj! Here, you can savor a cocktail by the water with a view of the neighboring island of Katarina, and occasionally, a little boat passes by. The small stools may not be very comfortable, but if you’re lucky, the benches are still available.

Climb to the Top of St. Euphemia Church

At the highest point in Rovinj stands the St. Euphemia Church. This impressive church was built in 1736 and is also the largest Baroque building in all of Istria. The bell tower bears a strong resemblance to the one at San Marco in Venice, which is because the St. Euphemia Church was constructed by the Venetians who controlled Rovinj at the time. If you want to see Rovinj from above, you can climb the 60-meter-high (197-feet-high) bell tower.

Wander Through the Old Town of Rovinj

Rovinj itself is a major attraction best explored without navigation, allowing you to discover charming boutique shops, excellent pizzerias, or cozy bars. The Italian influence is immediately noticeable in the atmosphere and the sight of laundry gracefully hanging between the houses. One of the most famous photo hotspots in Rovinj (the sea view through an alley) is located opposite Hotel Angelo D’Oro. Be sure to visit Grisia Street, where you’ll find many art pieces for sale, making it feel like an open-air museum. Another well-known spot is the Balbi Arch, the old entrance gate to Rovinj.

Take a Day Trip to Pula

If you have access to a car, it’s fun to take a day trip to Pula. Here, you can visit the Roman Pula Arena or, if you prefer nature, spend a day swimming at Kamenjak. This natural park boasts many beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters and lively beach bars. If you’re looking for some adventure, you can also enjoy cliff jumping from high and low rocks!

Indulge in Rovinj’s Finest Gelato

The Italian influence in Rovinj is not only evident in the atmosphere, the clotheslines, and the many Italian tourists but also in the abundance of gelato shops. You’ll see people enjoying ice cream everywhere along the promenade. The best gelato in Rovinj can be found at Gelateria Italia.

Get Local Products from Istria

Istria boasts numerous delightful local products, such as truffles, olive oil, asparagus, and, of course, wine. The daily Rovinj Market features dozens of stalls selling these delicacies. It’s not only great to take as a souvenir but also to give as a gift to someone back home!

Our Favorite Places to Stay in Rovinj

For a truly romantic experience, staying in the old town of Rovinj is highly recommended. It’s advisable to book accommodation in the old town itself, where you’ll find mostly apartments rather than hotels. The few hotels in the old town can be quite expensive. Therefore, we have three great apartment recommendations in Rovinj where you won’t have to pay a fortune. You can expect a comfortable stay at Casa Matteotti, Apartments La Casa di Loreto, and Noemi’s rooms, all located in the heart of the old town. These accommodations have only a limited number of rooms, so booking in advance is a must!