What to do in Pula? 5 Tips!

Pula is the ideal place to start or end your journey through Croatia. We recommend not lingering there for too long because it’s not the most beautiful or charming city in Croatia. The nearby Rovinj, for example, is much more enjoyable. That being said, there are still a few nice things we can recommend, and you’ll find our tips down below.

#1 Visit the Kamenjak Nature Park

While the city of Pula may not be very attractive, you can find some beautiful beaches in the surrounding area. The most beautiful ones can be found in the Kamenjak Nature Park. This protected natural area boasts 30 coves, over 500 plant species, and some cliffs for cliff jumping. In short, you can easily spend a whole day here! Some places worth visiting within the park are the Safari Bar, Njive Beach, Cliff Jump, Debeljak Beach, and Pinižule Beach.

Tip: Only a limited number of cars are allowed inside the park each day, so be sure to leave early. If you arrive late, you can rent bicycles in the nearby village.

#2 The Pula Amphitheater

The Pula Amphitheater, often referred to as Pula Arena, is undoubtedly the most impressive structure in the city. It is one of the best-preserved Roman amphitheaters built in the 1st century AD. In ancient times, it was used for gladiator contests, accommodating around 20,000 spectators. Nowadays, it is a popular venue for concerts and festivals during the summer. It is open to visitors between 09:00 and 21:00, with an entrance fee of approximately $10. If you want to save some money, you can also walk around the amphitheater. Due to its open design, you can get a good view inside, and it’s quite beautiful as well.

#3 The Temple of Augustus

Another relic from Roman times is the Temple of Augustus, located on the central square of Pula. It now serves as a small museum. The square often hosts events in the summer, and it’s a great place to relax at a café terrace.

#4 Kayak Tour to the Famous Cave

If you’re in the mood to hit the water and go kayaking, you can book this kayak tour. We booked this tour because the cave pictured below had been on our bucket list for years. The cave became very popular a few years ago after some prominent Instagrammers took photos here. We found the cave to be remarkable, but the rest of the tour wasn’t quite as spectacular. Since many people still want to visit the cave, we’re mentioning this tip so you know how to do it.

#5 Explore the Beaches of Pula

Beautiful beaches can be found not only in the Kamenjak Nature Park but also around Pula. There are a few lovely beaches where you can take a refreshing swim and get a nice tan. The most beautiful beaches are Havajska Beach and Gortanova Beach. If you’re into cliff jumping, Felsen Beach is also worth considering.

Best Restaurants in Pula

Pula is close to Italy, and you’ll notice that reflected in the restaurant menus. You’ll find a bit more pasta and pizza on the menus here. Our favorite for dinner in Pula is Piazza Nove. It’s a bit pricey, but the dishes are delicious! If you’re looking for something tasty at a lower cost, Hook and Cook is a recommendation. It’s a kind of fast-food restaurant with various delicious fish dishes and snacks. For lunch, Street Food for Two is excellent. Here, you can grab a quick but often healthy bite, like soup or a burrito.

Our Favorite Places to Stay in Pula

There’s a good chance you’ll begin or end your journey through Croatia in Pula, and it’s nice to stay in an extra comfortable hotel. Villa Brandestini is undoubtedly a delightful hotel. The rooms are very luxurious, and there’s a large rooftop terrace with a jacuzzi and comfortable sunbeds, all within the city center of Pula! If you prefer staying in an apartment, you can book a nice apartment at a friendly price at D&A Central Amphitheatre Apartments. The apartments come with a comfortable bed and a modern bathroom with a rain shower. The location is excellent as well, right in the heart of Pula. A significant advantage is that parking is free.