Review: Road Tripping through Namibia with Namibia Nomads

Are you looking for an awesome adventure in Africa and enjoy road trips? Then Namibia is the perfect destination for you! Those who want to travel through Namibia can approach it in various ways. We chose to join Namibia Nomads and here we share our experience with the trip in a short review. You’ll read about what it’s like to tear through Namibia with a 4×4 and rooftop tent and why the concept of Namibia Nomads appealed to us.

The Concept of Namibia Nomads

The trips offered by Namibia Nomads are unique in several ways. You travel individually through Namibia with a rugged 4×4 and rooftop tent, but you start with a group of travelers on the same date for the same tour. You’ll be in a group chat with these travelers where you can exchange tips or arrange to do certain activities together. Nothing is obligatory; you can choose to participate or not. We found this freedom very enjoyable. In practice, you don’t have to do anything with this group, but you can still help each other with practical tips or share where you’ve spotted unique animals. Typically, you wake up very early in Namibia and therefore go to bed early, but if you feel like cooking together or having a drink, you can always suggest it.

Namibia Nomads provides a robust 4×4 rental car with a rooftop tent, all necessary camping equipment, accommodations at the most beautiful campsites, and you’ll receive a roadbook containing all the tips for your trip. This way, you don’t have to arrange much or figure things out yourself, and the anticipation can start right after booking. You can book some activities in advance or choose to arrange them on-site. Additionally, many trips to Namibia are quite expensive, and the journey with Namibia Nomads is one of the most competitively priced trips to Namibia you’ll find.

Why did we chose for Namibia Nomads?

Most of our trips are planned by ourselves without the help of a travel organization. That could also be the case for Namibia, but still, we found it comforting to have a bit more certainty and support for this destination. Traveling through Namibia is a bit more adventurous than many other countries. The route offered by Namibia Nomads was a perfect mix of beautiful destinations and aligned perfectly with the places we’ve always wanted to visit. Additionally, everything was well organized, and it was nice not to have to figure out and book all the practical aspects ourselves. We’ve detailed the itinerary for Namibia per destination so you can get a good idea of what this trip looks like.

Our Namibia Nomads Experience

Namibia had been on our wishlist for years, and the expectations were high. The photos of wild animals, massive sand dunes, and unique camping spots would excite many a traveler’s heart. Sometimes a destination can be a bit disappointing in reality, but that was certainly not the case with Namibia!

We started our journey by picking up the enormous 4×4 and immediately received a briefing on how the car and rooftop tent work. The car is equipped with all the materials and tools to traverse the deserted landscapes of Namibia. For example, the 4×4 includes; a connected cooler box, two spare wheels, a first aid kit, tools, and a lot of camping gear. Setting up or folding down the rooftop tent is very simple and takes at most five minutes of your time.

Fortunately, we didn’t have a flat tire along the way, but many travelers we encountered were less lucky. Most roads are unpaved, so there’s a higher chance of getting a flat tire. However, on the last day, we got a crack in the windshield from stones kicked up by a passing vehicle. Luckily, you have 24/7 good support for car breakdowns or emergencies. This allows you to travel worry-free through one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. Midway through the trip, our refrigerator stopped working, and after a phone call, someone was ready to repair it at the next destination. The whole trip was meticulously organized, and the organization could quickly adapt to solve problems encountered along the way.

What surprised us the most about Namibia is undoubtedly the emptiness and diversity of landscapes. You can drive for hours and hardly encounter anything or anyone. From the airplane, the landscapes may not seem much different from each other, but once you hit the road, they change every hour. The distances between destinations are vast, and you spend quite a few hours in the car, but we found this aspect very enjoyable. You can stop along the way wherever you want, prepare some delicious food, and with a bit of luck, encounter some wild animals. Most destinations still have relatively low tourism, but considering their beauty, Namibia will likely become busier soon. In our opinion, you better head there as soon as possible!

Our Tips for Your Road Trip through Namibia

With Namibia Nomads, you’ll visit the most beautiful places and have your trip well organized. If you want to get even more out of your journey, you can check out our tips for a road trip through Namibia. Here, you’ll find everything about practical matters as well as activities and the most beautiful places you’ll encounter along the way. This way, you’ll make the most out of your trip to Namibia!