Visit Dana and Go Off the Beaten Path in Jordan (+ 5 Tips)

In Jordan, most people visit the popular destinations like Jerash, Wadi Rum, and Petra. These are all incredibly beautiful places, but it can also be amazing to explore a lesser-known destination and venture off the beaten path. Dana is an upcoming destination that is still visited by relatively few people. However, the surroundings are just as beautiful. So, plan some extra days for your trip to Jordan and visit Dana for an incredible hike through rugged nature. Read our tips for Dana here.

Hiking in the Surroundings of Dana

Dana is a tiny village located in the mountains. You don’t visit Dana specifically for the village, but rather for the beautiful hiking trails in the surrounding area. From Dana, you can embark on short and long hikes, each offering something unique. The Wadi Dana Trail and Wadi Ghuweir Trail are highly recommended.

Wadi Dana Trail

The most popular hike is the Wadi Dana Trail. This trail takes you along breathtaking views of the valley. The hike starts in Dana and ends in Feynan. Most of the trail is downhill, but it’s still advisable to start early as you’ll be walking in the sun for the majority of the hike. Arrange transportation back to Dana in advance at your hotel, as cars have to take a long detour. Expect a return trip of about 1.5 to 2 hours. You can easily undertake the Wadi Dana Trail without a guide. The path is well-marked, and you can use the app if you’re unsure about directions.

Distance: 14 km
Duration: 4 to 5 hours
Guide needed: No

Wadi Ghuweir Trail

While the Wadi Dana Trail is amazing, the Wadi Ghuweir Trail is even more breathtaking. However, we must mention that this hike is a bit more challenging, and you will need a guide for this one. The Wadi Ghuweir Trail is a tropical paradise. You’ll follow a water stream through the ever-changing landscape. You’ll walk through a narrow gorge with enormous red walls that have been carved out by the water flowing through for centuries. The walls of the gorge exhibit different shades of red or orange every few feet, and you’ll occasionally have to climb over large rocks. Halfway through, you’ll reach hanging gardens filled with ferns, palm trees, and various mosses growing from the walls and crevices of the canyon.

Also, read our detailed article about the Wadi Ghuweir Trail.

Distance: 17 km
Duration: 5 to 7 hours
Guide needed: Yes

Best Time to Visit Dana

The best time to visit Dana is from April to November. During winter, some hikes may be closed due to the risk of flooding, and it can be quite cold. Spring is the ideal period as everything is in bloom, and the temperatures are pleasant for hiking.

Unique Accommodation: Wadi Dana Eco Camp

Located just outside the village is the Wadi Dana Eco Camp. At this remarkable accommodation, you can choose between a traditional Bedouin tent or a room, both offering fantastic views of the Wadi Dana valley. After sunset, a delicious buffet with various tasty local dishes awaits you. Here, you can truly escape from everything! Due to its unique location, the price is a bit on the higher side for what you get, but unfortunately, all the beautiful accommodations in Dana are quite expensive.

Alternative: If Wadi Dana Eco Camp is fully booked or if you have a slightly smaller budget, Al Nawatef Eco Camp and Dana Sunset Eco Camp are also excellent options.

Tips for Your Stay at Wadi Dana Eco Camp

Wadi Dana Eco Camp is not a standard hotel, and there are a few things to consider before your visit.

Bring Sufficient Cash

There is no ATM in Dana, so make sure to bring enough cash for transportation, guides, meals, and your accommodation. You can find the cost of transportation and a guide in our article about the Wadi Ghuweir Trail. The costs for meals are mentioned later on.

Park Your Car at Dana Hotel in the Village

You cannot reach Wadi Dana Eco Camp with your rental car as the road from Dana to the camp is not paved. You can park your rental car for free at Dana Hotel in the village. If you inform them that you are staying at Wadi Dana Eco Camp, they will notify the camp, and someone from Wadi Dana Eco Camp will come to pick you up.

Dinner and Lunch

Breakfast is included in your stay, but dinner is not. You can pay 10 JD per person for dinner, and you can inform them during check-in if you would like to join. This is convenient because otherwise, you would have to go back to the village. Plus, the food is delicious! If you also want a packed lunch for your hike, let them know the day before so they can have it ready for you in the morning. A packed lunch costs 5 JD.

Differences between a Tent and a Room

The rooms are slightly more expensive per night compared to the tents. Both options offer the same beautiful view, but the amenities are slightly different. The tents are basic but comfortable, and you will use shared showers and toilets. The rooms are larger and have private bathrooms. We have stayed in both options and found the room to be worth the extra money. The tent is fine, but it can be quite dark, and having a private bathroom was nice.

Book at Least Two Nights (and as Early as Possible)

If you plan to do any of the hikes mentioned above, it will take up your entire day. The hike itself lasts between 4 and 7 hours, and the return trip by car to Dana will take another 2 hours. Therefore, it’s nice to book at least two nights, so you don’t have to drive to your next destination after the hike. Wadi Dana Eco Camp is very popular, so it’s wise to book your stay as early as possible. When you book here, you can cancel for free up to one day before your arrival.